Women's Counseling

Women's Counseling in Plano

Do you feel stuck? Are you ready to grow?  Do you want more from your life, relationships, and career?  Maybe you are struggling with balancing life and your responsibilities, while trying to keep it all together. Do you often feel like your marriage or relationship is at risk?  Is the stress of life just too much? You’re not alone. Many women feel this way today and sometimes we need a helping hand or just someone to listen emphatically without bias. Believe in Hope Counseling services for women is as if you have your own
coach, who will stand by you in a supportive way, but who will also give you honest feedback equipping you with the skills and tools needed to be more confident so that you may live a more purposeful and fruitful life.

The problems women deal with are often unique to the gender.  Believe in Hope Counseling is keenly aware of the needs and issues that women deal with.  We focus on helping women with woman related issues of therapy, help women deal with these issues, and have a lasting positive impact in their lives. Occasionally, one or even just a few meetings with a professionally trained and skilled professional in assisting with women's issues, can help with resolving some of the most challenging characteristics of being a female. Our women’s counseling in Plano is built upon trust, integrity, and caring for every woman who walks through our door.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study found women are more likely to experience mental health concerns, such as depression or anxiety.  Additionally, women experience higher rates of mental distress than men do in all age brackets. When considering women's issues and how they relate to mental health, some context may be helpful. In terms of mental health, women have historically faced disproportionate scrutiny for thousands of years.  Fortunately, mental health care has been vastly enhanced and has allowed improved support for women’s mental health concerns through women’s counseling.

Traditionally, women were typically assigned the roles of caretakers and nurturers, while they are capable of being caretakers, providers, nurturers, professionals, or holding any number of roles. Evolving roles and less emphasis on identity based on gender have helped challenge these assigned roles but have lead to added stress and further mental issues.

Believe in Hope Counseling works with women through Christian based counseling help resolve and work through trying times. Some mental health concerns commonly experienced by women include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Postpartum depression
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Eating disorder
  • Mood-related challenges
  • Self-harming behaviors

The first step to real health and achievement is realizing you cannot do it alone.  Call today and let Believe in Hope Counseling, in Plano and the surrounding area, help you get back on the road to growth and recovery. (972)679-3485.