Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling in Plano

Have you recently lost someone? Someone close and very important in your life? Grief is a natural process each of us goes through when dealing with the sudden or expected loss of a loved one.  Grief is not an emotion anyone chooses to go through.  However, once you begin experiencing grief, you will wonder if it will ever go away.  Sometimes you may be surrounded by people who have not experienced grief to this depth of pain.  When you feel alone in your struggle you can feel more isolated or even isolate yourself.  Family and friends try to help by providing advice, which is in good nature, but you, like everyone else, grieves in your own way.  Grief balances the complex tasks of “letting go” and “holding on” to the lost significant other. There is a steady acceptance that the loss is real, yet there is frequently the need to maintain a sense of connection.  Believe in Hope Counseling is here to help you through the grief, through our grief counseling sessions.

During the grieving process, it is common to go through a range of emotions. However, if the grief is beginning to affect your life by causing isolation and you are finding it difficult to heal, then it is time to seek professional help.   Life does go on. Normal will return. It may not be the normal you knew. It will be, however, a new normal that you can be comfortable in. We will work with you to create a future you will be excited about.  A future intentionally designed to include the honoring of your grief and finding meaning in the loss. Your suffering does not have to be long term.

When you decide to give yourself the gift of grief counseling, you will be:

  • Giving yourself permission to grieve.
  • Grieving in privacy in your own way.
  • Sharing stories and memories
  • Learning about resources
  • Feeling your emotions, sadness, anger, guilt,
    fear, shame, loneliness, worry with someone that can
    help you process to them.

Grief counseling is needed for many areas outside of the loss of a significant other.  Here are some forms of loss that may be difficult to bear:

  • Death of a close loved one (e.g. immediate
    family member, good friend)
  • Broken romantic relationship
  • End of a friendship (e.g. separation, betrayal)
  • The demise of a pet
  • Permanent disability
  • The “empty nest”
  • Major, unwanted changes in life
  • Loss of a personal dream or goal

During times like these, life can really seem confusing and dauntingly hopeless. For some, they may even believe that God does not care about them or even exist. These can be normal thought patterns amid such anguish and deep loss. Without the knowledge of this understanding, these thoughts can cause one to question their situation, possibly leading to further complications in life. Our grief counseling is firmly founded in Christian teaching and understanding. Remember grief is natural and if you are experiencing any of the following, then professional help is necessary:

  • A constant feeling of guilt, anger, bitterness
    or depression about what happened
  • Experiencing difficulty thinking or
  • A feeling of detachment from others, especially
    loved ones, for more than a month
  • Inability to function normally at home, school,
    or work
  • The belief life has become pointless
  • Suicidal thoughts or recurring visions of death.

As faith-based counselors, we understand that if the spirit has healed and has learned to trust in God’s goodness and divine plan, then the person can move forward while continuing to honor who or what was lost. With Christ, all things are possible, regardless of the magnitude of the situation.

Call us today and let Believe in Hope Counseling guide you through the grieving process. (972)679-3485.