Crisis Counseling

Crisis Counseling in Plano

Counseling spans many areas of human emotion and interaction. Sometimes an event occurs within a person’s life that is so large in their purview that it removes their ability to comprehend what is happening.  Control over one’s life seems to disappear, and helplessness sets in.  For a crisis to be brought to a manageable level, the person must be helped to regain a level of understanding and semblance of control.  This all must take place before the return to self-sufficiency can occur.  This is where crisis counseling comes in.  Believe in Hope Counseling, in Plano and the surrounding area, is focused and dedicated to helping people, within all crisis levels, return to a live resembling the peace and security once experienced.

What is the Purpose of Crisis Counseling?

Crisis Counseling has a singular purpose, which is focused on the status of an individual in crisis and providing the necessary help.  Obtaining the assistance needed is extremely important, for chronic exposure to trauma or stress has the possibility of leading to mental illness. Crisis counseling is a short-term intervention designed to provide individuals with assistance, support, resources, and stabilization, all wrapped in a loving Christian atmosphere, as can be found at Believe in Hope Counseling.

Who Experiences Life Crisis and What Should I Look For?

The majority of society will have a crisis experience of some kind within their lifetime. When someone experiences a crisis, they tend to report specific feelings such as:

  • A Feeling of Helplessness or Hopelessness
  • Feeling l Like a
  • Feelings of Fear, Anxiety, or both
  • Feeling as if You can’t go on
  • Overall Numb Feeling
  • Grief
  • Feelings of Anger and Frustration
  • Guilt
  • Intense Feelings of Sadness and Pain
  • Feelings of Being Alone
  • Shock
  • Underwater Feelings
  • Inability care for yourself/others
  • Feeling there is no way out

These crisis symptoms can appear suddenly and disbelief of what has occurred can be nearly as painful as the pain and suffering being experienced. No situation or crisis is too big. Healing is available. There is a way out of the pain.  Believe in Hope Counseling can help you through your tough time and we will walk with you step by step through the entire healing process.  We will tailor our counseling to fit your needs and schedule.

Most often, when one thinks of the term crisis counseling, they think of a sudden unforeseen disaster.  A disaster such as a natural disaster, a car accident, or another equally calamitous event. Crises don’t stop there.  They are not the exclusively catastrophic as the afore mentioned.  They can range considerably in type and severity.

A developmental crisis can happen as part of the process of moving through the stages of life, while growing and developing. These crises can be predictable and expected as part of the life cycle. This leads us to another type of crisis, the situational crisis.  A situational crisis is like it sounds, an unexpected and sudden happening as mentioned above.  This type of crisis cannot be predicted and comes as a complete shock when the person least expects it.  Finally, we can look at the type of crisis known as an existential crisis. The crises that fall under this type may seem lesser of a crisis to most, but to the person undergoing it, it is enormous.  An existential crisis is defined as inner conflicts relating to things such as life purpose, direction, and spirituality. A midlife crisis is one example of a crisis that is often engrained in existential concerns.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis then please contact Believe in Hope Counseling and let us help put you/them on the path to healing.  We can assist in reconnecting to that lost sense of control and security.  We are your connection to the life you once had.  Call Today! (972)679-3485